Week 3 Weight:  222.2 pounds

Week 3 Goal:  My plan for this week is to complete at least 30 minutes of exercise, 4 days this week.  I also want to continue refraining from processed sugar.


My legs are burning and feel like Jell-O. I just walked probably the most I  have walked in 3 years (at a speed faster than ambling). And I guess I’m just sitting here thinking of the regret of how I wish I had stayed in shape when I was younger. Instead I am trying to do this as I’m pushing 40.

With all my walking tonight, I did have four new records according to RunKeeper.



I’m extremely proud of myself.  I’ve been pretty good eating today. It’s been very crazy and very stressful today. I did eat two oranges as a snack (which probably wasn’t the best choice). But it’s better than what I could have eaten. I was in a chocolate mood today.
The kids (students) have been crazy with that supermoon yesterday and then basketball tryouts.Everybody just wanted to talk about basketball and not work.

I’m sitting here right now at my daughter’s soccer practice. I walked while she was practicing.  I am thinking of the million things I need to do when we get home, but I’m probably just getting a shower and going to bed. I am exhausted!


  • 5 hard-boiled eggs
  • black coffee


  • 2 oranges


  • grilled chicken
  • sweet potato


  • beef tips with fresh peppers and onions



  • Walking: 2.15 miles, 37 minutes