Week 5 Weight:  218.6 pounds

Week 5 Goal:  My plan this week is to not step on the scales again until Week 6.  I also want to continue refraining from processed sugar.


I am pretty sure stress is going to kill me.

The  last two days have been days from hell at work. Yesterday, my teammate (who is next to me) comes to me during my planning. This is while she has the class from hell. She is having chest pains and a headache. I’m pretty sure at that point, it was a panic attack. I watched her class while she got herself kind of calmed down and straightened out.

I get to work this morning and find out that she’s called in sick and another teammate has called in sick. The one with the chest pains yesterday ended up going to the hospital last night. She was diagnosed with panic attacks and migraines. That is what I had last year with that group of children.

The other teammate with was out with a migraine. My third teammate left half a day for a workshop.  So this left me and one more teammate holding down the entire middle school today.  The teacher had substitutes.  But with substitutes, things are CRAZY. On top of everything else, we had a practice lockdown drill this afternoon. The lockdown drills (for those of you that don’t know) is to prepare us for an active shooter in the schools. Again, 5 classes, 2 teachers  and 3 subs. Really, really crazy!

Finally, after school we had a middle school meeting. But remember, it’s only 2 of us. So we “met” per our principal’s orders. I found out some bad news from her. She is a  second-year teacher and I love her to death. She is the one that just got engaged at school a few weeks ago. She also teaches both of my children. She turned in her 30 day notice. 5she’s leaving after Christmas to go to another county. I can’t blame her. If it wasn’t for my two kids, I’d be gone. Our school is going to hell and going to hell very quickly this year.

My stress level is completely out the window. I so much want to grab something chocolate and devour it. A bag of salt and vinegar potato chips would be good at this point. Luckily for me, we didn’t get paid until today. We have not had money for about a week, so we can’t even afford to buy grocerie. There is no food in the pantry or fridge. But I will be fine.  I really am not even hungry. It would just be emotional eating. I am not messing up because of this stress.

Thank you for listening to me rant!


  • 5 boiled eggs
  • black coffee 


  • almonds 



  • crock pot chicken
  • sweet potato


  • almonds 


  • nothing (too stressed to eat)


  • none