Week 9 Weight:  223.2 pounds

Week  Goal:  My plan for this week is to get back on track.


11:30 am: I have almost figured out how I can get my Fitbit information into my blog.  I love the app that comes with the Fitbit.  I am able to track my food, water intake, calories burned, my walking, my sleep.  Love it!  The only major problem I have seen so far is that when I walk I am getting WAY different data from the Fitbit and Runkeeper.  The times are different (and I know for a fact that Runkeeper was closer to being right yesterday) and the distance was about a half a mile off.

So for now, I am going to continue to use Runkeeper  (and run Fitbit simultaneously).  I have decided to stop using MyFitnessPal for right now since Fitbit does everything it does and is easier to use.  I am also going to stop listing my food diary in the blog and just enter it into the Fitbit app.  I an still going to post my exercise.

After all the eating last week, I am still feeling bloated.  I am trying to to drink a lot of water.  Especially since we are on break and I can go to the bathroom whenever I need to.  Trust me, just being able to go to the bathroom whenever I want is awesome.


11:00 pm:  I had a really good day today.  I worked in the yard for about 2 hours today.  This was after I had walked.

Below are today’s stats. I had exercised for 3 days in a row.  I am so proud of myself!



  • walking: 1.9 miles, 33 minutes