Week 9 Weight:  223.2 pounds

Week  Goal:  My plan for this week is to get back on track.


10:00 am:  I have just gotten up and still have my wonderful chest tightness. According to my Fitbit, I slept for 13 hours last night.  But look at my data.  I am a hot mess!


I was restless all night last night.

Here is hoping that today gets better!

8:00 pm:  Well, I think I have found out what is triggering my anxiety.  I am currently sitting at a hockey game.  It is my first (and last).  There are WAY too many people for me.  A lot of people cause me anxiety.  Also, heights cause anxiety.  We are on the top row.  I am not doing good at all.

I have been dreading this game for a while, but told my kids that I would come with them to one of the games.  I knew that there would be a lot of people, but this is overwhelming.

12:30 am: We are home and I am much better now.

I plus for today.  I have walked for 5 days in a row!



  • walking: 1.47 miles, 24 minutes