Week 10 Weight:  215.4 pounds

Week  Goal:  My plan for this week is to keeping eating right and making my step goal of 8000 steps a day.


I rocked again today!  I met all of my Fitbit goals and accomplished another personal best on Runner Keeper.


I more than doubled my step goal today (and boy are my feet hurting!).  I ate a little more than usual today, but I did more exercise than usual today, too.

Also, another “yeah” for me: I walked 3.25 miles tonight while my daughter was at soccer practice.  I am pretty sure I have never walked that far at one time (at a speed besides amble).  The distance and time where both “personal best” for me.


And even though I am physically exhausted, I feel so good!


  • Walking: 3.25 miles,  53 minutes