Week 10 Weight:  215.4 pounds

Week  Goal:  My plan for this week is to keeping eating right and making my step goal of 8000 steps a day.


I think I slept wrong last night.  I woke up with my neck and upper back hurting. Pain meds in and keep moving.

Today was actually pretty good for a Friday at school.  We are suppose to have a nasty winter storm this weekend so everyone is excited (or nervous).  We don’t get weather like this often.


The kids were pretty good and I was pretty laid back today.  Even thought it was laid back, I had my 8,000 steps before I even left work.  I was on roll!

When we got home from school, we had a lot to do to prepare for the storm.  We made sure all the vents under the house were closed and all the outside spigots were wrapped.

Then I had to get the chickens straight.  This is their first winter and my first winter with chickens.  When I built their coop in the spring, I did think ahead for the winter.  They have three walls ahead the only opening is facing the south (usually warmer wind).  My daughter and I put in fresh straw ahead did doubled the amount we usually put it.  Hopefully they have enough sense to not kick it out of their shelter.

By the time we finished preparing for the storm, I was already close to 10,000 steps.  With my neck still hurting, I decided not to exercise today.

I am going to have to exercise tomorrow, no matter what.  With it being Saturday AND us having a winter storm, I won’t be getting my 8,000 steps through day activity.



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