Week 11 Weight:  211.0 pounds

Week  Goal:  My plan for this week is to keeping eating right and making my step goal of 10,000 steps a day.


Another “Snow Day.”

I really didn’t do much today.  I have watched a lot of television and colored (don’t judge!). Even though I have done a lot of sitting, I have also done a lot of moving!  Everytime I have gone to the bathroom today, I have run in place to a count of 100.  And because I am counting slow, that is about 250 or more steps per bathroom break.  Also, I am walking in place during every commercial break.  

I am so ready to get back on a normal schedule tomorrow.  School will continue as normal tomorrow (no delays).  My son has basketball practice and my daughter has soccer practice.  I’ll be able to walk while she is at practice.  I may even try to run some. That may just depend on how my day goes at school tomorrow .

I did pretty good today according to my FitBit stats.


I rearranged my dashboard on my FitBit app.  I still is not showing my exercise on the dashboard. Oh well.

I am so ready for the normalcy of tomorrow!


  • Walk At Home Video: 1.0 mile workout, 12 minutes