I found this article helpful:  What Causes Stubborn Lower Belly Fat?

  1. Stress can cause stubborn belly fat
  2. Using a large plate every time you eat
  3. Eating very late at night
  4. Drinking fizzy drinks regularly
  5. Drinking too much processed fruit juices
  6. Not consuming enough healthy fats
  7. Your diet doesn’t have enough protein
  8. Menopause
  9. Alcohol
  10. Not active enough
  11. Not enough high-intensity workouts
  12. Eating too much trans fat foods

I am looking at this list and am trying to figure out what my problems are.  For me, it is more than likely:

  • Stress can cause stubborn belly fat
  • Not active enough
  • Not enough high-intensity workouts

I definitely need to start working on this!!