Another good find:  Quit Making These 8 Weight-Loss Mistakes.

  • You only rely on exercise for weight loss.
  • You follow the fad diets your coworkers are bragging about.
  • You have six “mini” meals that aren’t so mini.
  • You don’t snack.
  • You think all organic foods are healthier.
  • You always choose a salad when dining out.
  • You equate success only with weight loss.
  • You eliminate entire nutrient groups.


Honestly, I have at some point in my yo-yo dieting history, have made every one of these mistakes.  I think my biggest problem now is with “equating success only with weight loss.”  I am struggling with myself because the scales aren’t moving as much as I would like.  However, my clothes are a lot looser.  I need to give over the mindset that the scale has to move to be healthier.