Since getting my FitBit, I have become more conscience of how much I walk and move around during the day. And now that I am betting money on my steps (through StepBet), I really am more aware of how much I move and sit.

Here are a few ways that I get those extra steps or make sure that I am moving throughout the day.

  • Further bathroom: We have two bathrooms. I now go to the bathroom that is the greatest distance from wherever I am
  • “Potty Dance”: My daughter named this, so it has stuck.  When I need to go to the bathroom, I already walk to the one that will give me the most steps.  But before I actually “go” to the bathroom, I run in place for a count of 50. (My daughter saw me once and thought I had to go to the bathroom really bad and was doing the “potty dance.” Hence, the name). After I “go,” I run in place again for a count for 50.  That is 100 extra steps, just going to the bathroom.
  • Watching Television: While watching television, I am relaxed and sitting on  the sofa.  But during a commercial break,  I am on the go!  If I don’t have to go to the restroom (where I am already going to get in an extra 100 steps), I run in place. Depending of the length of the commercials or the speed of my walking in place, this could be an extra 400 or so steps per 30-minute show.

Ideas From Others: