Week 13 Weight:  207.6 pounds

Week  Goal:  My plan for this week is to do a Walk At Home 1 mile before I go to work in the mornings and add in an exercise routine.  I also want to continue eating right and making my step goal of 10,000 steps a day.



10:30 am: I dozed off on the sofa last night at 8:30.  I didn’t get around or my exercise routine.  I am going to have to double up today.

Today has been busy so far.  My daughter had an 8:00 soccer game this morning. It was 27°F outside.  I thought we all were going to freeze.  I did get a lot of steps in trying to stay warm.  They won the game and play again at 2:00.

We are currently sitting in the truck waiting for her volleyball game that starts at 11:00.  She is in the backseat asleep.  Poor baby!  I told her that if she could get through her games today, she could sleep all afternoon.

10:00 pm. We won both soccer games today.  We won’t talk about volleyball.  I walked a little bit while she was warming up for her second game.  I was walking mostly to warm myself up.  12 mph winds.  Just a little chilly.

We play again in the morning at 8:00. Hopefully we are in the championship game at 12:00.

Cold, but good day.



  • Walking: 0.70 miles, 15 minutes