Week 14 Weight:  206.6 pounds

Week  Goal:  Yikes!  Was it to survive?


Don’t ask!  This past week was absolutely crazy at school. School was chaos and both of my kids either had a game or practice every night last week.  On top of that, I started my period on Tuesday.  That within itself is enough to make the week crazy. Then, I have had some kind of stomach bug this weekend.  


I did eat good this past weekend and exercise quite a bit.



  • Monday: Walk At Home Video: 2.0 mile workout, 26 minutes
  • Tuesday:  Walking: 3.1 miles, 47 minutes  (I completed C25K Week 1 Day 3 (1.38 miles), in 18:37, pace 13:28 min/mile, with @RunDouble http://bit.ly/nkhPg3)
  • Wednesday:  Walking: 3.1 miles,52 minutes (I completed C25K Week 2 Day 1 (1.25 miles), in 19:00, pace 15:09 min/mile, with @RunDouble http://bit.ly/nkhPg3)
  • Thursday: none
  • Friday: 30 minutes at basketball practice with our girls team (almost killed me)
  • Saturday:  Walking: 1.96 miles, 29 minutes