Week 15 Weight:  203.0 pounds

Week  Goal:  I want to continue on my Couch to 5K program and eating “clean.”


Started off the day with walking.  I decided not to run today, but I did my whole 3.1 miles.  It got up to 82°F today. This type of weather is unheard of around here in February.   Last year we had an ice storm. Trust me, I enjoyed this weather today.

I spent the rest of the day (until dark) working in the yard.  I let the chickens out and let them wander the yard.  I even had one try to walk with me today.


My daughter and I trimmed back our overgrown rose bushes.  We also cut back the dead stalks on several other types of plants.  I do love working in my garden!
I won my StepBet today.  I don’t know exactly how much yet.  I plan on starting a new DietBet tomorrow.


  • Walking: 3.1 miles, 54 minutes