Week 17 Weight:  199.8 pounds

Week  Goal:  I have got to get my act together this week with eating, exercise, and posting!


I still feel like crap.  I stayed home from school today and slept most of the morning.  When I left to pick my daughter up from school soccer practice and go to travel ball practice, I only have a little over 1,000 steps.  That really wasn’t going to work with that StepBet I’ve got going on.

So, I walked while she was at practice.  I didn’t run at all and walked a lot slower that usual.  I also hacked up my lungs most of the walk.  Luckily it was about 70°F today, so I didn’t have to worry about being cold.

Even with walking almost 3 miles, I still was about 1,500 steps away from my “active goal” for StepBet.  So, I have been pacing the house.

Even though I am coughing and sneezing like crazy (and can’t breathe out either nostril), I am going to attempt work tomorrow.  Maybe, just maybe, my kids will be good to me. Ha! Ha!


  • Walking: 2.93 miles, 51 minutes