Week 17 Weight:  199.8 pounds

Week  Goal:  I have got to get my act together this week with eating, exercise, and posting!


I still feel like crap. I can’t breathe out my nose at all.  I haven’t done anything but cough and sneeze all day.  I have even been at the point a few times today that I was scared I was going to wet myself from all the coughing.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!  It has been a long week.  And thank God Monday is a teacher’s workday.  I am taking the day off.  I am so over that place right now (spring fever is setting in).

I walked tonight while my daughter was at soccer practice.  I am not up to running right now.  It took everything I had to walk as long as I did.  I was able to get my “stretch” day in today for my StepBet.

I am also currently in a FitBit Challenge that I am blowing everyone away.  I really don’t know how, considering how sick I have been this week.  Buy I am enjoying this healthy competition.


  • Walking: 3.37 miles, 52 minutes