Week 17 Weight:  199.8 pounds

Week  Goal:  I have got to get my act together this week with eating, exercise, and posting!


11:15 am:  Another beautiful day today. I am totally enjoying this 80 degree weather in February.

I am currently walking around soccer fields while my daughter is warming up for her soccer game. We had a two and a half hour drive to get here for an hour soccer game. And it’s two and a half hour drive back. I told her that she must know that we love her to waste a beautiful day in a truck for 5 hours.

Right now, it’s so beautiful out here. The wind is blowing just enough that it isn’t really that hot.

I am using my speech to text feature on my phone while I am walking. I know i look crazy walking and talking to myself.

Whenever we get home this afternoon, I want to do some work out the yard.  I won’t finish up my vegetable plot today. I have a few more things I need to get done first.  I have a few more flowers I want to move around. After my daughter’s soccer game tomorrow, I want to put pine straw around all of my flowers.  So I want to get everything moved today so that all I have to do tomorrow is put down pine straw.

It is supposed to be cooler tomorrow because of cold front coming in tonight. There is a small chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. Hopefully they miss us or I can get everything done before they come through.

9:00 pm: Showered, supper, and now ready for bed.

We got home about 4:30 this afternoon. We stopped at Five Guys to celebrate our daughter’s win.  I ate a little burger with mustard and a ton of vegetables.

We worked in the year until it was too dark to see anything.  It never stormed but you could see lightning I’m the clouds at a distance away.  My daughter and I set up a rose trellis (I will try to remember to post pictures tomorrow).  I moved a few plants and moved all of the rocks that I use for borders into the yard so that I don’t have to do that tomorrow. I hope it is pretty enough tomorrow for me to get pine straw down. I still didn’t get everything moved like I wanted to, so I will need to do that first.

I am curled up on the sofa now.  The wind was really bad this afternoon.   Between the wind and the fact that I am getting over the crud (sore throat, coughing, stuffy and runny nose), my sinuses are killing me.  My whole face hurts. Ugh!  I hope it is better in the morning.


  • Walking: 1.4 miles, 26 minutes