I am a day late, but I am posting!!!

Yesterday was horrible at school again.  We had another fight during breakfast in the cafeteria.  It was another one of mine.  Counting this student, I had 6 of my 17 students in my homeroom class suspended for fighting.  I truly cannot take much more.

My daughter was home sick yesterday.  She was running a low grade fever and had a sore throat & stuffy nose.  She seemed better last night.  This morning, she told me that the only thing that was wrong with her was that she couldn’t breathe.  Man, I don’t have time for a sick child!

With the stress from school, I didn’t do to well yesterday.  I am so worried that the stress is going to mess up all that I have accomplished.  When I got home, I did not go outside as I had planned.  It was 78°F.  The warmest it has been in a while.  I was so stressed, I didn’t have any desire.  Instead, I screwed up.  I ate half of a Hersey’s bar and I don’t even know how much peanut butter (right out of the jar).  Then, to make matters worse, I used a “rest day” for StepBet.  I have no more “rest days” left for the week and it is the last week of the competition.