A day late.  Sorry!

I woke up yesterday morning realizing I had started my period.  After taking some painkillers  (my first 2 days are horrible), I played Minecraft with my daughter until they kicked in.

We worked on the chicken coop and took another trip to Lowe’s for lumber.  I love Lowe’s. We finished all the framework but the top of the run.  

We went to my aunt and uncle’s tonight.  I knew we were going out to eat at Sugar Hill, so I ate light all day. Because they don’t even have salads on the menu, I ordered a calzone.  Like I said, I prepared for that all day.

Then, this is where I messed up. My FitBit died on me while we were gone. I didn’t bring my charger with me, and I hadn’t synced it in a while.  We got home after midnight.  I charged it quickly and synced it.  I was 150 steps away from my active goal on StepBet and it was after midnight.  That was my second rest day this week so I was disqualified with two days left in the StepBet.  I lost $40 because my FitBit died.   I am so mad at myself.