11:30 am:  It is half time at my daughter’s soccer game.  It is absolutely beautiful today.  We are up 1-0.

8:00 pm: Today has been a little hectic. My daughter won her soccer game 2-0.  They are currently undefeated.

We left the game and ate a Five Guy’s  (my daughter’s pick).  I got car sick on the way home.  The one time I haven’t driven in forever and I get sick.  That is why I drive everywhere. 

I came home and took a nap.  My plan was an hour nap.  Two and half hours later… 

We went outside to work on the chicken coop.   I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to since I need an electrical saw to cut the plywood.  We officially have everything done but the plywood and wire.

I did a little work in the vegetable garden.  I got about half of my beds prepared.  Now if I can keep the chickens out of them until I get a fence around the garden.  They will destroy everything! We have spring break in two weeks (9 school days–not that I am counting). We plan on planting the vegetable garden the week of spring break. Hopefully, we will be over our frost days by then.

I have a lot to do this week: 3 school baseball games, 2 school soccer games, 2 school soccer practices, 2 travel soccer practices, 2 school baseball practices, and travel baseball practices.  I plan to walk everyday and work in the yard as much as possible.