Week 22 Weight:  199.6 pounds

Week 22 Goal:  My goal this week is to “clean eat” and exercise EVERY day.


I have got to get myself together. I gained 4 pounds this past week.  I have been eating whatever I want, not exercising, and just being careless.  And the scales showed it!First of all, I am going back to journaling everything: food, exercise, everything. Maybe this will help keep me accountable.

I started off today half way depressed after getting on the scale.   It was horrible!  But I continued on into my day, because I only have 9 school days left until spring break.  I was thinking, “I got this. No problem.”  Then I looked at my calendar.  We will ignore the fact that I teach math.  I counted wrong.  I forgot a whole week in there (the first week in April).  So instead of 9 school days until spring break, we really have 14.  How depressing!

Today wasn’t too bad at school.  I still have several students suspended right now, but most come back tomorrow. So tomorrow may be another story.

I came home today and worked in the yard for a while.  My son had a school baseball game, but it was away.  And there was no way I could get to his game, then be back by 5:00 to pick my daughter up from school soccer practice to take to travel soccer. So, I worked in the vegetable garden for a while, getting the beds ready for planting.

The chickens had a blast eating all of the grub worms I found.  One of my girls kept getting mad at me because I wouldn’t let her in the beds to eat my father earthworms.  I did get it to fire ants while I was working.  If you don’t know own what those are, consider yourself lucky.  I have about 15 bites that are going to be swollen and blistered by tomorrow. 

I am sitting in my truck right now at my daughter’s travel soccer practice.  I walked a little.  I didn’t walk the 3 miles I usually do because my feet were killing me.  But I walked!

When practice is over, we have to run a few errands: pharmacy, grocery store, gas.


  • 5 boiled eggs
  • black coffee


  • almonds
  • cottage cheese


  • garden peas
  • green beans
  • cottage cheese 


  • almonds
  • apple


  • banana


  • walking: 1.36 miles, 24:42 minutes
  • FitBit steps: 12,569